During these unprecedented times, we’ve experienced job losses and witnessed the death of friends and loved ones.  It has been over a year and a half, and the end seems to be out of sight.  Despite all the difficulties we’ve encountered, we remain hopeful. 

Build your Confidence and Watch your Career Take Flight

Confidence is one of the greatest assets a person can have.  Without a doubt, confidence, when combined with mastery of skills and a great attitude, can take you to your utmost potentials, be in your career or in your personal relationships. So how can someone gain this invaluable asset?

The American Institute Expands in Alabang

The American Institute for English Proficiency, established in 2007, will be expanding in Alabang and will officially open its doors on October 1, 2021.  We are currently accepting enrollments for our first ever batch of students, which commences on October 4.