Welcome to the American Institute for English Proficiency, the Filipino’s choice for professional and personal development.  Established on January 21, 2007, AIEP (AIEPRO or The American Institute) has been assisting individuals develop confidence and competitiveness through English and communication skills training.  We have also partnered with various local and international corporations to help improve and refine their employee’s English and communication skills.


To our new students and clients:

We appreciate your interest in the American Institute for English Proficiency, the premier center for English language training and career development in the Philippines.

In this era of globalization, The American Institute, since it’s founding on January 21, 2007, is committed to promoting and furthering English communication skills beyond the usual standards.  Through our modern and dynamic training approach, we help augment skills that allow individuals to become competitive in their respective fields.

Any school can teach a student to memorize and repeat, but at The American Institute, we go beyond that by training students to communicate effectively using critical thinking.  Student speeches and presentations are analyzed and critiqued on the spot.  In essence, we teach individuals not merely to speak English, but to speak well.  Furthermore, our school provides an environment conducive to the development of your English proficiency as we provide cultural activities such as trips, parties, volunteer work, and the book club. which make your English learning experience a holistic one.

We firmly believe that learning English should be beyond the four walls of the classroom.

Whether you join us for your personal or professional development, our Institute is dedicated to your complete satisfaction.  We take pride in providing the best courses and modern methods that directly improve your own or your employeesʼ confidence, critical thinking, and conversation fluency.  We can even customize a course to meet specific individual or corporate goals.Our Specialists are carefully chosen for their extensive backgrounds in English language training, professional development, and corporate management.  From information technology professionals to accountants, from entrepreneurs to English teachers, our students hail from various fields of expertise.  At the Institute, we inspire both our Specialists and our students to become socially responsible leaders in their respective civic, corporate, and academic communities. 

Thus, learning English at The American Institute becomes a lifestyle.

We invite you to  browse our website for more information.  However, we encourage you to visit us and see for yourself what makes the American Institute for English Proficiency uniquely effective.


Christopher R. Delacruz, Co-founder and General Manager
Paulo Valentino Magbuhos, Co-founder and Operations Manager


The American Institute for English Proficiency is committed to providing a stimulating, innovative, and superior quality educational environment, focusing on English proficiency, communications, critical thinking, and confidence building, and thereby empowering all of our students and teachers alike to become highly influential individuals capable of making great contributions to society.


The American Institute for English Proficiency will become the best international educational institution for English language learning, focusing on the growth and development of both internal and external customers through innovation, integrity, and empowerment.